Resources for Tutors

General Resources

Writing Center Journals and Conferences — a fantastic resource listing Writing Center journals and conferences for which tutors should considering applying

A Guide to Lab Report Writing — a comprehensive guide created by a graduate writing tutor on tips for writing a lab report

Georgetown Writing Center Handbook
Video on Clarity
Video on Fluid Writing

Discourse Markers, Copyright Edusites 2007

Professional Resources

Tutoring a Resume (Purdue Owl Resource)
Tutoring a Cover Letter (Purdue Owl Resource)
6 Tips for a Cover Letter (Forbes)
Preparing a Resume and Cover Letter (Rutgers) includes tips and sample resumes and cover letters
Tips for Writing an Op-Ed
Op-Ed Sample

Creative Writing Resources

Tips for Tutoring Creative Writing (UVM Writing Center)
Tutoring Creative Writing Students (Purdue Owl)

Second Language Learner Resources

ESL Instructor and Students Grammar and Workplace handouts (Purdue Owl Resource)
Best Practices for Tutoring L2 Students Helpful tips compiled by Georgetown’s graduate writing center tutors
Doug Enders, “The Idea Check,” The Writing Lab Newsletter 37.9-10 (2013): 6-9.
Harris, Muriel and Tony Silva. “ESL Students: Issues and Options.” College Composition and Communication 44.4 (1998): 525-37. (PDF: Harris _ Silva-Tutoring ESL Students-Issues and Options)
Williams, Jessica. “Tutoring and Revision: Second Language Writers in the Writing Center.” Journal of Second Language Writing 13.3 (2004): 173-201.  (PDF: Second Language Writers in the Writing Center)
ESL Lab – online resource for helping L2 learners become more proficient in their listening skills

Grammar Resources

Grammar Girl. Grammar tips written in an engaging and zippy style.
Writing Rules! Advice from the Times on Writing Well. Resource from the New York Times with many useful sections about grammar and writing.
University of Chicago Manual of Style
American Heritage Dictionary. (searchable format and includes fantastic usage notes)
Bernstein, Theodore. The Careful Writer: A Modern Guide to English Usage. New York: The Free Press, 1993. Print.
Burchfield, R. W. Fowler’s Modern English Usage. Oxford: Oxford UP, 2004. Print. (comprehensive and practical advice on grammar, syntax, and style)
Pinker, Steven. The Sense of Style: The Thinking Person’s Guide to Writing in the 21st Century. New York: Viking Adult, 2014. Print.
Skillin, Marjorie & Gay, Robert. Words into Type. Upper Saddle River: Prentice Hall, 1974. Print. (excellent resource with easy-to-use index and definitive grammar explanations)
Truss, Lynne. Eats, Shoots & Leaves: The Zero Tolerance Approach to Punctuation. New York: Gotham Books, 2003. Print.

Georgetown School-Specific Resources



Art History

Art History Sample Paper


Classics Research Paper Sample


Comparative English Sample Paper
Analytical English Paper Sample (includes the writer’s reflection on the piece including areas for improvement — Analytical essay on The Great Gatbsy)
Literary Analysis English Sample
Analytical English Sample (good example of how to write on a sensitive topic as it investigates racial overtones in Heart of Darkness)
English Modern American Novel Sample Paper


History Sample Paper

Liberal Arts Seminar

Liberal Arts Seminar Final Paper Sample


Logic&Essays, Introduction to Philosophy: Classical and Contemporary Readings, 6th ed. The first section of this document covers philosophical logic, and the second part, beginning on page 7 covers how to write philosophical papers.
Tips on Writing Philosophy Papers helpful tips from a Georgetown professor
Guidelines on Writing a Philosophy Paper 
Philosophy Sample Paper Ethics
Ethics Sample Paper 2


Theology Biblical Exegetical Sample Paper
Philosophy of Religion Sample Paper
Problem of God Sample Paper
Problem of God Essay Assignment and Rubric (courtesy of Prof. Joseph Murphy)

Social Sciences


Anthropology Sample Research Paper
Intro to Anthropology Sample Paper

Justice and Peace Studies

JUPS Paper Rubric Example
JUPS 260 Violence Gender Human Rights Short Paper Sample
JUPS 260 Violence Gender Human Rights Final Paper Sample
JUPS 299 Research Methods Sample Paper
JUPS 401 Social Justice Sample Paper
JUPS Anti-Apartheid Case Study


Linguistics Sample Paper


History of Modern Psychology Final Sample Paper


Intro to Sociology Sample Paper

Hard Sciences


Honors General Biology Sample Lab Report
Marine Biology Sample Paper


Chemistry Lab Rubric Sample
Chemistry Sample Procedure Instruction Page
Chemistry Sample Lab Report
General Chemistry Sample Lab Report
General Chemistry Sample Lab Report 2
Organic Chemistry Sample Lab Report


Physics Experimental Methods Lab Report Rubric
Physics Experimental Methods Lab Report Guidelines
Physics Senior Thesis Rubric
Statistical Physics Writing Guidelines
Physics I Lab Report
Modern Physics Sample Lab Report
Modern Experimental Physics Sample Lab Report (lab report includes professor’s marginal comments on the student’s work)

School of Foreign Service 

SFS Proseminar Writing Assignment

International Affairs

INAF Paper Critique (Summarizes an article in 1 page, focusing on methodology and data use. Then critiques the paper for weak or incomplete analysis or statistical methods and proposes an extension to the project)

International Political Economy

IPEC Academic Article Summary
IPEC Presentation Academic Article (presentation based on the academic article summary.  Good example of how to present information in a Powerpoint)
IPEC Final Paper Problem in Pol Econ (paper includes a literature review, proposes an extension to the current literature, and outlines how to conduct that research with econometric analysis)

Senior Thesis

5 steps to writing a thesis (courtesy of Prof. Marc Busch)

Sample Course Papers

International Relations Sample Paper
International Security Sample Paper
International Security Sample Paper 2
International Security Final Paper Sample
Intro to Women’s and Gender Studies Final Paper Sample
Political and Social Thought Sample Paper
Politics and Memory Sample Paper
Politics and Memory Sample Paper 2
Politics and Memory Sample Paper 3
Quantitative Methods Sample Paper
War and the Environment Movie Review Sample Paper

School of Nursing & Health Studies

Human Science

Healthcare in America Sample Paper

International Health

International Health Paper Sample


Health Care Plan Sample
Human Growth and Development Final Sample Paper
Forensic Analysis of Victims of Violence Sample Paper
NURS 005 Culture Paper Writing Sample
NURS 005 Journal Entries Sample
NURS 005 Group Reflection Sample

McDonough School of Business 


Financial Accounting Case Study Sample
Financial Accounting Final Project Sample


Principles of Marketing Sample Case Memo
Moral Foundations of Market Society Sample Paper
Marketing Customer Interview Assignment Sample
Marketing Case Study Sample

School of Continuing Studies 

Liberal Studies

Human Resources Management

HR Case Method Writing Guidelines
HR Tutoring Students Tip Sheet


Public Relations and Corporate Communications

Real Estate