MSB Writing & Communications Center

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Who We Are

Having trouble with a case analysis? A presentation deck? Need to talk through where to start on a paper or materials for a job application?  The McDonough School of Business Writing and Communications Center is here to help! 

Founded in Fall 2019, the MSBWCC offers free peer tutoring services for all MSB students. Writing Fellows are available to support you with essays, research papers or any other type of class writing assignments at any stage of the writing process. We are available to help with any and all assignments.


Charlotte Lee

Charlotte is a junior in the McDonough School of Business, double majoring in Finance and Operations and Analytics with a minor in math. A native Californian, she will easily debate about the ideal weather and the superiority of NorCal. Outside of the classroom, you can easily find her wolfing down a Sun City at Call Your Mother or playing tennis at Yates. She enjoys debates about the Oxford comma, or anything grammar related, and her favorite literary trope is the oxymoron. She especially loves the brainstorming and outlining process, but would love to help in any step of the writing process!

Kate Tavella

Kate Tavella is a senior studying Business and Global Affairs in the MSB and SFS. Originally from Northern California, Kate came to Georgetown to explore DC, run Track and Cross Country, and study foreign affairs in the hub of politics. A lover of conversation, Kate enjoys talking through the brainstorming and outlining process, as well as adding flair to writing through diction. She will be working in the MSB Writing Center, specializing in business writing. When she is not drinking coffee in Grounded while studying with her peers, you can find her running all over DC or teaching middle school students through the Grassroot Project. 

Sarah Ackels

Sarah is a junior in the McDonough School of Business studying Operations and Analytics with an intention of double majoring in Finance or minoring in Computer Science. She is from Connecticut where she loves to ski with her friends, hike with her dog, and bake with her sister. In Georgetown, she enjoys napping, studying in the MSB, drinking coffee, and spotting rats. Her favorite sentence structure is “independent clause; conjunctive adverb, independent clause” and her favorite word is abundant. She is also a Social Impact Project Consulting Coach and Treasurer of Georgetown University College Democrats. She looks forward to helping other Hoyas with outlines, sentence structures, and editing (as long as it is in Times New Roman). 

Shreysi Mittal

Shreysi is a senior in the McDonough School of Business majoring in Finance and the Global Business Fellows program. She’s from the superior half of California (NorCal), and is a typical wanna-be-edgy SF teen. She loves all writing, especially cover letters, and specializes in brainstorming. Outside of the Writing Center, Shreysi is involved with Blue and Gray, Innovo Consulting, and Mock Trial. In her spare time, she’s probably learning an instrument or telling terrible jokes that only she finds funny.

Trinity Johnson

Trinity is a senior in the McDonough School of Business, majoring in Management, Leadership, and Innovation with a minor in Sociology. She hails from Grayson, Georgia– a city about an hour northeast of Atlanta. She loves reading slide decks and informative papers, and she is passionate about the editing and revising process. When she is not in class, she can be found at the MSB Tech Center solving the world’s problems one computer at a time or on Healy lawn taking yet another picture of Healy Hall!

Taryn Moore

Taryn is a sophomore in the MSB double majoring in Operations & Analytics and Finance.  Even though she’s from Ashburn, Virginia (i.e. the DMV), Taryn still loves doing all the touristy things around D.C., and can be frequently spotted wandering around the Georgetown neighborhood or catching the bus to the National Mall.  Outside of the Writing Center, Taryn is involved with Innovo Consulting where she supports socially-minded enterprises and the Edunomics Lab at the McCourt School of Public Policy where she is a project assistant on an education finance database. Taryn would love to help with any type of writing or slide decks you may have, so feel free to swing by and talk to her!