As per the Writing Center Handbook:

The Writing Center’s Policy on Academic Integrity

Everyone who works for the Writing Center or visits the Writing Center must follow the Georgetown University Honor System: https://honorcouncil.georgetown.edu/system/

A Writing Center tutor’s job is to help students become better writers. While most sessions focus on academic papers that will be graded in a Georgetown class, tutors ensure that clients retain ownership and responsibility for all work. Tutors never do graded work for a student. In working with student clients, tutors ask questions, discuss writing and editing options, offer advice, and teach writing and editing concepts.  If needed, a tutor may model how to copyedit a sentence or fix a grammar error; in these cases, the tutor will then prompt the student client to demonstrate that they can do on their own whatever the tutor has modeled. A tutor is not a client’s editor or proofreader — though tutors help student clients to become better editors and proofreaders.

Conditions for Terminating a Session

Consultants reserve the right to terminate a session for the following reasons:

  • Sexual harassment of any kind
  • Racism
  • Homophobia
  • Sexism
  • Harassment related to gender identity, religion, or immigration status
  • Threatening language or intimidation

Repeat Client Policy

  • We are delighted when clients return to the Writing Center. However, we ask that clients book no more than five sessions with one consultant in a given semester so that our clients benefit from a variety of tutoring approaches.