Business Writing Resources

Effective communications are crucial for succeeding in the business world, and the McDonough School of Business thus strongly emphasizes writing in its course offerings. Most of the resources below were developed by individuals directly affiliated with the MSB, created with Georgetown students in mind. However, we wish to emphasize that these resources have utility beyond the MSB, and beyond even Georgetown – anyone could benefit from learning to communicate clearly, concisely, and impactfully in the different formats listed below. 

Slide Decks

A slide deck is a collection of slides put together in the same presentation to convey a central argument or recommendation. They are created to convey information to an audience in an organized, succinct manner. Learning how to design and organize an effective slide deck is useful not only for students in the business school, but those in any academic discipline. 

White Papers

At their core, white papers do two things: 1. Explain a problem and 2. Motivate action. They are common in the business field and serve a range of purposes, e.g. establishing thought leadership, making a business case, or informing customers. 

Briefing Memos

Briefing memos are distinguished by their conciseness, achieved through roadmaps, informative headings, and a top-heavy paragraph structure. 


Anyone can write an email, but knowing how to write an effective message is a particularly important skill in both academic and professional contexts.