Mywconline Instructions

Mywconline is the system the Writing Center uses for appointments. To create an account and book an appointment:

  1. Click Register for an account and fill out the information and then click register

  2. Login to your (new) account

  3. Click on any white space to book an appointment

  4. If the schedule is full, reserve a place on the waitlist: select the clock icon to the left of the date you would like to make an appointment

  5. Make sure your pop-up blocker is disabled

Make an Appointment


Will a tutor proofread my paper for me?
No.  But we will help you learn how to revise and edit your work to improve all the writing you do.

Can I work with any graduate or undergraduate tutor?

My paper is due in three hours. Can I meet with a tutor now?
Yes, but that’s not ideal.  We recommend leaving time to revise. We prefer to meet with you more than 24 hours before a paper is due. If you come in for a consultation at the last minute, you risk not having enough time to revise your work after the session.

Do I have to make an appointment?
We do accept walk-ins, but we give priority to students who have appointments. By registering your information online and scheduling an appointment, you enable us to give you the most effective feedback over a series of meetings rather than during a single session. Even if you use the Center on a walk-in basis, you will need to fill out our online tutorial form before meeting with a tutor.

Can I be late for my appointment?
If you show up late for your appointment, you forfeit your session. Tutorials last either 30 or 60 minutes, and tutors and students use all of that time to discuss the writing and ideas at hand.

What happens if I miss more than one appointment?
If you don’t show up for two scheduled sessions, you will no longer be able to schedule appointments, but you will still be able to use the Center as a walk-in client.

How can I become a Writing Center Tutor?
For more information about becoming a Writing Center Tutor, check out our Tutors page. You may also contact the Director of the Writing Center, David Lipscomb, at dcl@georgetown.edu or email the Writing Center at writingcenter@georgetown.edu.

How many sessions can I book with one tutor?

We are delighted when clients return to the Writing Center. However, we ask that clients book no more than five sessions with one consultant in a given semester so that our clients benefit from a variety of tutoring approaches.

Are there any reasons that a tutor can end our session early?

Consultants reserve the right to terminate a session for the following reasons: sexual harassment of any kind, racism, homophobia, secism, harassment related to gender identity, religion or immigration status, and threatening language or intimidation.