David Lipscomb

Lipscomb (1)First, I’m proud of our Center and our staff. You’ll see below an impressive group of well-trained tutors who are also approachable and extremely helpful.  As for me, I’ve been teaching writing and what’s often called “communications” for more than two decades. In addition to heading the Writing Center and teaching writing at Georgetown, I work as a writing coach for various organizations, including Kellogg, Fannie Mae, and the American Red Cross; if you’re curious about my work with professional writers, you can check out my company’s site or read a profile of me in the Chronicle of Higher Education. Before coming to Georgetown, I taught writing at Wake Forest University and Columbia University, where I earned my Ph.D. in English.





Marielle Hampe


Hi! I’m Marielle Hampe, a second-year M.A. English student. I hail from a small suburb of Pittsburgh, PA and graduated with a BA in English and minors in European Studies and Education, Schooling and Society from the University of Notre Dame. At Notre Dame, I tutored in the Writing Center for three years, and I’m thrilled for the opportunity to spend two years at Georgetown as a Writing Center Coordinator and tutor. In addition to my work in the Writing Center, I serve as a TA for undergraduate literature courses. I’m passionate about words and teaching, and I’m eager to help all students become more confident writers.


Grace Foster

Grace is a student in the English M.A. program at Georgetown. Most of her experience lies in working with humanities papers, research papers, and application essays, and she really enjoys working through tricky organization and helping students to create and improve strong thesis statements.


Samuel Holley

IMG_2624 (1)

Samuel is a theology major in the College, and he has worked on everything from science writing to humanities papers to business industry reports, from talking with high schoolers about college essays to helping Master’s students with their theses. He particularly enjoys challenging writers to get out of their own heads, take a step back from their work, and think about the way their audience will interpret what they write.


Sara Carioscia

IMG_2486Sara is majoring in Biology and Classics. She is particularly comfortable working with science research and lab papers, grant writing, research & analysis papers and professional writing (cover letter, resume, etc.).




Alexis Larios

Alexis is a student in the College majoring in English and Government. She specializes in humanities papers, grammar, and Prezi and PowerPoint presentations. She especially enjoys working with students on brainstorming.

Anna Grant

Anna studies Classics in Georgetown College.  She is most experienced tutoring in humanities assignments, research papers and applications but is also comfortable working on processes important to all types of writing – brainstorming, forming an argument, revising. 

Brian McMahon

IMG_2468Brian is studying English and Psychology in the College. Some of his main interests are in creative nonfiction and general humanities work. He is happy to work with any subject and loves to help brainstorm and outline.

Carlos Miranda

Carlos is a pre-med student studying Biology of Global Health in the College. He works particularly well with sciences, business and economics, Prezi, thesis brainstorming, and revision. He is also a native speaker of Spanish.


Casey Mank

Casey is a student in Georgetown’s English M.A. program.  She has worked with many non-native speakers on their English writing projects, and she particularly enjoys humanities writing, application essays, and delving into major revision at both the structural and sentence level.

Christina Graziano


Christina is an undergraduate student in the McDonough School of Business studying Accounting and English. Though she is happy to work with any student, her tutoring specialties include cover letters, resumes, application essays, business writing, final editing and grammar, and general humanities papers.


Crystal Stuvland

Crystal is a student in the English M.A. program at Georgetown. She’s an expert brainstormer and has extensive experience tutoring non-native speakers of English. Her favorite types of writing to work with are creative nonfiction, journalism, and resumes/cover letters.

Daniel Ernst

Daniel is a student in the College studying Classics and Government. His expertise lies broadly in humanities papers, fiction, and working with non-native English speakers. He enjoys working through topics and ensuring that clients are communicating their ideas as effectively as possible.

Danny Atherton

Danny is an English M.A. student who is available to help at any stage of the writing process, from discussing the topic to outlining, drafting, finalizing, and revising. He has experience working with general humanities papers, international relations papers, and applications (resumes, CVs, personal statements, and writing samples), but he will gladly take an active role in learning about subjects with which he may be unfamiliar. Additionally, he has lived and worked overseas, so he is always happy to work with those whose first language may not be English.

Elsa Givan

Elsa is a student in the School of Foreign Service majoring in Regional and Comparative Studies for Western Europe & the Middle East. Her expertise lies in humanities papers, social science papers, and research papers, and she enjoys developing ideas and forming theses. She also is comfortable incorporating Spanish into tutoring sessions.

Josue Coronado

Josué is majoring in English at Georgetown. His broad expertise lies in papers regarding education, race, and culture. He particularly enjoys helping with general humanities papers, grant writing, cover letters, creative non-fiction, and social science papers.

Kayla Mardin
Kayla Mardin studies International Health in the School of Nursing and Health Studies. Her strengths as a tutor lie in working with students on lab reports, research papers, and final revisions. She also enjoys working on the brainstorming and outlining process to start a paper on the right track.

Kim Bussing

IMG_2663Kim is a student in the College studying English. Her general expertise lies in humanities papers, application essays, and journalism, and she enjoys helping students with all manner of creative work, including script writing, fiction, and creative non-fiction.


Liza Schalch

LizaLiza earned undergraduate degrees in English and History, taught high school English, and now studies English as an M.A. candidate at Georgetown.  She enjoys helping students at all stages of the writing process: thesis brainstorming, structuring, re-structuring, and revising.  She is particularly experienced working with application essays, humanities papers, and cover letters.


Madeline Budman

Madeline is pursuing a major in English and a minor in Jewish Civilization. She has broad expertise in humanities papers, application essays, fiction, and creative non-fiction. She enjoys brainstorming theses and structural revisions at any point in the writing process.  

Maria Tucci

Maria earned an undergraduate degree in Biology and English and is now a student in the English M.A. program at Georgetown. Her expertise lies in science and medical papers, humanities papers, grant proposals, and creative non-fiction. She really enjoys discussing thoughts and ideas with students to create a strong and organized paper.

Megan Rebholtz

Megan is a student in the McDonough School of Business pursuing majors in Finance and Marketing. Her expertise lies broadly in business writing, humanities papers, application essays, and research papers. She finds particular enjoyment in thesis brainstorming, building and organizing a supporting argument, and revising.

Melina Hsiao

Melina is a student in the College studying History, Sociology, and Journalism. She has broad expertise in humanities and social science papers as well as journalistic pieces. Some of her favorite tutoring sessions are those in which writers work on creating a thesis and organizing their essays.

Nicole Stark

Nicole received a B.A in English and a Minor in Film Studies from University of California, Davis and is now pursuing an M.A. in English at Georgetown. She has significant experience working on MLA citation and humanities papers at all stages of the writing process. Nicole is a bit of a usage nerd, so she is also able to help students more broadly when it comes to their concerns over word choice, structure, phrasing, and grammar.

Nyle Hussain

Nyle is a student in the SFS majoring in International Economics.  His expertise lies broadly in philosophy, theology, humanities and research papers, and he enjoys helping students develop their theses and structure their arguments.  He is also capable of helping students with papers written for Spanish classes.

Rachel League

Rachel is a student in the McDonough School of Business pursuing majors in Finance and Accounting and a minor in Spanish.  Her expertise lies broadly in resumes, cover letters, and business writing.  She enjoys brainstorming sessions as well as working on creative writing pieces.  Her favorite food is chocolate.

Rachel Salgado

Rachel is an English M.A. student at Georgetown. Her expertise is in fiction and creative non-fiction, general humanities papers, research papers, and working with non-native speakers. She is able to tutor on a limited basis in both French and Spanish.

Samantha Chan

Samantha is a student in the English M.A. program at Georgetown. Her expertise lies in humanities and social science papers, but she also has a lot of experience working with resumés, cover letters, and journal articles. She believes in clear, direct writing and enjoys untangling otherwise complex ideas with clients.

Samantha Reid Avina

Samantha Reid Aviña is in her last semester of Georgetown’s English M.A. program. She speaks fluent Spanish and enjoys working with non-native English speakers in particular.

Will Lowery

Will is a student in the School of Foreign Service majoring in International Economics. His expertise lies broadly in philosophy/theology papers, general humanities papers, cover letters, resumes, and application essays. He enjoys helping students talk through their ideas to develop a solid outline and clear direction for their papers. Will also speaks French and is comfortable tutoring French essays.

Xinlan Hu

Xinlan studies Economics and History in the College. Her tutoring specialties generally are humanities papers, application essays and cover letters. She also enjoys working with non-native speakers and speaks fluent Chinese.