Final Portfolio

By end-of-day Tuesday, December 15, post your final portfolio to your blog as an attachment or a series of attachments.

I will look at your portfolio as a record of your “beginnings” as a tutor,  your initial work and thinking that I hope you will build upon in the coming semesters.

Your final portfolio should include:

  1. An introduction (roughly 2 pages)
  2. Your (revised) observation reflection
  3. Your (revised) tutoring reflection (“Notes toward a philosophy”)
  4. A studio-project document

Basis Questions & Answers

What goes in the intro?  Really, your intro can take almost any form, as long as you imagine as your audience your Writing Center colleagues — including me and next year’s new-tutor class–and you in some way motivate us to read the contents of your portfolio. What kinds of introductions motivate you to read a set of written works?

How much should I revise my reflection essays?  Revise only as needed.  Your reflection essays should reflect your initial thinking as a Writing Center tutor.  If they already do that accurately, post them as they are.

What document should I select from my studio project?  Post a handout, PPT, Prezi, app, video or anything else that that in some way represents/reflects the work you and your studio group has completed (so far).  It need not be a comprehensive presentation; it can just represent/ reflect a part of your project, perhaps a part of your project you hope to build upon.